• Image of Dry-Erase Wooden Game Tokens (Pack of 10)

** BONUS **: For a limited time, you will receive a free die. It could be a d20. Maybe it's a d10. Who knows?

- 100% Handmade at my coffee table while I watch Supernatural on Netflix -

Are you a fan of tabletop games and always seem to find yourself using paper tokens to represent status conditions? Maybe you're tired of using dingy nickels and dimes to mark that your troops are stunned or knocked down. I've got you covered, friend!

Introducing 1" wooden game tokens with the magic of dry-erase sides. Now you can always have the right token for the right situation.

Purchase Includes:
10x Dry-Erase Wooden Game Tokens
1x Plastic Baggy
1x Bonus Die (randomly selected)